How to learn the real Baldwin Acrosonic piano value

Baldwin is an American company which has gained its great popularity due to the production of extra quality grand and upright instruments. However, the real Baldwin Acrosonic piano value can't be ever learned until specialist checks the condition of the unit. In case he tells you it is tunable, ask him how much can be an approximate price for the stuff. Although it is not the work of a technician, very rare these people refuse to help a client is he asks for an advice.

Baldwin Acrosonic Piano Value 

When this specialists tells that you have a rare instrument from the 19th century, you should apply for an expert help. He will prompt you if the stuff worth restoration.

What differ Acrosonic from the other units

The Acrosonic has become the largest selling Baldwin model through all the period of the company existence. Spinet and console units produced by the company were made under this name. The name of the model is translated from Greek as "supreme sound". This compact product will fit into the smallest home.

What are these things which affect the instrument price

The real value of Baldwin Acrosonic piano is made of the following things:

  1. Its type: consoles are more expensive than spinets.
  2. Serial number, giving the information of its age.
  3. The proof the instrument was in service or tuned (if exists).
  4. Any restoration works if they were done.
  5. Technical condition.
  6. Some unique specifications(if the instrument has its "history").

You should be not upset to hear that the item you own does not cost over $300. Today old instruments without a restoration are cheap. Some homeowners are happy when somebody takes the piano for free. Meanwhile, "younger" models made at the end of the 1980s and later are more pricey. You can sell them for over $1.500.

Baldwin Acrosonic Piano Value

What are the approximate prices for non-restored units in good condition

You can check for the prices for these items in the Blue Book of Pianos. The instruments made between 1947-1950 can be $1489-$1949. Console manufactured in 1992 is offered for $2750.00. Spinet created in 1977 is $1.950. These high costs are spread only on very good units with no defects.

How should I sell my piano

If you have the stuff which is antique, you definitely have plans to get some profit selling it. If it misses keys and have cracks on the soundboard which affect the sound, when pads do not work, when the hammers are worn, it is better to farewell with this old stuff and even pay to somebody who will take it away. In case, the unit is tunable and antique rare thing, you can restore it and even earn some money on selling the stuff. Then the Acrosonic piano by Baldwin value will grow in times.

Where is it better to buy it

E-bay is the place where you can check the sellers "history", how long he uses the marketplace and if the buyers are satisfied with the stuff he once sold him. So that today it is the most popular place where you can purchase a good thing for cheap, and definitely, check for the item in specialized stores (even thrifts).