Yamaha Disklavier For Sale

The unique musical instrument

Yamaha Disklavier

In 1986 at first it was presented the Yamaha Disklavier for sale, a unique instrument to the attention of musicians, combining possibilities of acoustic and a digital piano. During more than 25 years, Yamaha continues a perfection of this instrument.

Disklavier can record and play the performance of pianist, and also can reproduce the orchestral accompaniment, by means of built-in timbres.
Unique correlation of acoustic possibilities and achievements in the area of digital technologies allowed to the Disklavier to become one of the favourite instruments of pianists, teachers and music lovers in the whole world.

Disklavier is a technology of future

A breadth and variety of directions allowed in researchers of Yamaha corporation to create the new innovative technological decisions: apparent integration of optical, digital and computer technology in the traditional acoustic pianos. A precipice that existed between acoustic and electronic music is removed. Original development of Yamaha, a hybrid of digital and acoustic technologies – is a piano Disklavier. It opens new ways for musical education and creative expression for students, teachers and professional artists.

Improvements of Yamaha Disklavier pianos

  1. Built-in active speaker system.
  2. A Huge amount of memory and different functions for programs.
  3. Yamaha Silent System technology for playback sound through the headphones.
  4. Reduced volume quiet mode.
  5. Difficult generators of instrumental tones of Yamaha XG.
  6. CD players cove and software features, training playing on the instrument.
  7. Interfaces of MIDI and audio allow to co-operate with by a great number peripheral devices, including the personal computers, further expanding opportunities of Disklavier.
  8. Playing "Live performances" of famous musicians.

Yamaha Company represents such models of Disklavier for sale

1. Grand pianos

  • - DS6E3PRO PE
  • - DS4E3PRO PE
  • - DC7XE3PRO
  • - DC6XE3PRO
  • - DC5XE3
  • - DC3XE3
  • - DC2XE3
  • - DC1XE3
  • - DGC2E3
  • - DGC1E3
  • - DGB1KE3

Available colors

  • - Polished black – for all models.
  • - Polished mahogany, polished white, satin American walnut, satin ebony – for DC7XE3PRO, DC5XE3, DC3XE3, DC2XE3, DC1XE3.
  • - Polished mahogany, polished white – for DGC2E3, DGC1E3.
  • - Polished mahogany, satin American walnut, satin ebony – for DGB1KE3.

2. Pianos

- DU1E3

The high quality of digital components

Piano records your performance and plays it back in the absolute accuracy with the movement keys and pedals.
Digital components allow to the Yamaha Disklavier pianos for sale exactly to write down everything, that are carried out on them, and most importantly - to reproduce these acoustic records.

Despite the great "high-tech stuffing" they remain as the high quality acoustic piano. A variety of digital and acoustic advantages, virtually unlimited opportunities for performance, recording and play music makes Disklavier a choice of the future generations musicians.