Yamaha U3 piano: great choice for professional musicians and home pianists

Updated Yamaha U series pianos offer a longer, more clear and persistent sound and improved design. High-quality Yamaha U3 has become the better instrument than ever. The extended soundboard and acoustic space inside U3 make it a powerful tool with a divine sound. The system of "floating" design allows the deck to resonate freely, increasing the depth of bass and middle register of the instrument. U3 piano by Yamaha has been the choice #1 for musical schools, professional musicians and home pianists.

Yamaha U3

What differs U3 from U1 model

Visually the new item is a bit larger. The increased size of the unit has given the instrument and its owner some benefits. The main advantage is longer strings, giving rich and warm deep sound. The soundboard which has "grown" also affects the depth of the sound. The U3 item differs in price from the previous model, but slightly (about $600 difference). It means if your budget lets you picking one of fantastically sounding Yamaha U3 pianos, you should do it with no hesitation.This is an excellent piano which is 131 cm in height. Some models have an enhanced function "Silent". The model has 3 pedals and 88 keys.

How large is the unit

The compact size of the instrument makes it almost the perfect unit to be picked for homes, schools and private studios. Its height is 52 inches (130.5cm), the width is 60.6 inches (153.5 cm). 24.5 inches from the floor to the keyboard is the perfect distance to sit comfortably when playing the instrument.

Is there any difference between U3G, U3M, U3H, U3F, U3N and U3A

The main difference is the location where the tool was manufactured. The original U3 piano by Yamaha concern is usually marked as U3H.

  1. Yamaha U3F. These pianos were manufactured in the 1960s. Search online: marketplaces and private sellers offer mostly exactly this model for cheap. The reason of getting rid of the model is muffled unclear sound.
  2.  U3G model. Made in the beginning of 1970, this unit is not so good as it sounds "muddy". Tuning it does not help often. However, the item can be bought for cheap for fun companies..
  3.  U3H model. This is a very good piano made in 1970-1980s. It is a reliable ,durable instrument with the warm tone of the sound. Yamaha concern used great quality materials to manufacture these pianos. Not all contemporary instruments have the same quality as this one.
  4. U3M and U3A. Made in 1980-1982 and 1983-1984, these instruments are excellent! After 30 years of usage, they still sound fantastical. These are the real great examples ofJapanese quality.
  5. U3S. Original Japanese piano with well-balanced sound and nice look. If you find an owner offering this item, buy this high-quality unit.
  6. U3N.Made in the UK till 2010, it was discontinued, thus you can buy it from a private owner.

 PianoWhatever model you would choose, we recommend you to apply for a professional help. Ask a specialist if the choice you want to do is correct and what can be the probable cons of the tool. The pros will be described you by the seller.