Yamaha piano serial number: how it works

The first instrument manufactured by Japanese company Yamaha was a reed organ (in 1887), and the pianos production began thirteen years later. However, the first Yamaha piano serial number appeared later, in 1997. If the earlier products were built in Japan, Hamamatsu, later American Everett Piano Company worked at the production of these units. The latest models are made also in Jakarta, Indonesia. Usually, a serial on the instrument tell us about its age, but Yamaha piano serial numbers carry the other information as well. First of all, by this stamp on a plate you can distinguish which country the product was made in.


Difference and specifications

  1. All grand pianos of the company are made in Japan, but the following ones: GB1, DGB1, GA1E and DGA1E. The latter are manufactured in Indonesia.
  2. All upright instruments which are higher than "45" are made in Japan.
  3. Upright units less than "45" in their height which have a seven digit number are manufactured in Japan, starting January 1970.
  4. American stuff produced in South Haven has the letter "U" in front of the digits.
  5. When you see the letter "T" before the number, it means your product was built in Georgia (Thomaston).
  6. The grand piano with such marks as GC1G, GH1G, GH1FP, GC1FP is also an "American" from Georgia.
  7. The capital letter "H" in the very beginning tells you that Chinese people worked at its manufacturing.
  8. "YT" combination stands for Taiwan.

How does it look

Yamaha numbers are placed on special golden plates inside the unit. Raise the top lid of the instrument and you will see it. For example, you raise the lid of the unit and see there "8931". It means you see a Japanese model made in 1929. Check the numbers on the database (available on the official site of the company) and you will see all of them starting from 8928 and ending 10162 which were produced this year. Exactly this time 5-digit serial appeared. It existed till 1958 when 6 digit changed it, and 1971 opened the way to plates with 7 digits on them. If you are offered to look at the instrument and you see there "6250002", it is built in Hamamatsu in 2009. It is almost impossible to remember all these numbers. Therefore try to pay attention at these specifications, described above.

How does a serial can affect the price

Serial number

The number itself, sure, does not influence the cost. But as it marks the year when the stuff was manufactured, it serves as a guide to evaluating your unit. Experts remember almost all of these digits. Coming to such a professional to hear the honest price for your instrument is almost a "must" when we speak about Yamaha. These products are excellent! Check for The Bluebook of Pianos information. There the approximate average prices for the units and the database serials are given.