What is the average Yamaha Silent piano price 

Yamaha Silent pianos are the instruments which combine the best properties of acoustic and digital units. To learn the exact Yamaha Silent piano price you shouldread the serial number of the unit.The primary goal of the company when it was working at this product was to make a perfect acoustic instrument, using richexperience of the concern. The special Silent technology lets you playing the instrument when no one hears you. Just connect headphones: you will hear theexcellent sound, not people around you. This invention has made it possible to play the unit at home any time you want it. You'll never disturb family members andneighbours.

Yamaha silent

How does Silent technology works

A special element of the Silent technology prevents the contact of hammers with the strings: hammers stop a few millimeters to strings. Then highly sensitivesensors track the movement of the keys and transfer this information to a digital sound module. In addition to the opportunity to enjoy playing the instrument atany time, Yamaha Silent System offers you to use the other features: recording function, to connecting mobile devices with mounted musical applications, changingthe sound volume.

How much does this wonder cost

Today Yamaha Silent piano prices vary depending on the model. There are upright and grand instrument which have this unique function: to "turn off" the sound.The Bluebook of Pianos gives the information about the new models The cheapest upright Silent which is 43" is $8.400. It is the b1SG2 unit. The larger is theproduct, the higher is the price. YUS3SH 52" new upright is about $20.000. Grand instruments made with this t5echnology cost more. For instance, C5XSH, 6'1"Yamaha Silent piano's price is $58.900. Specialized stores which deal only with Yamaha production often sell the discounted products. The big sales announced bythese large stores attract more buyers.Thus, it becomes even profitable for the company (and store) selling the less costing products.

Models and cost

The less expensive models are b1 SG2, b2 SG2 and b3 SG2: $8.000- $11.000. The most affordable and miniature SG2 has a rich resonance. Without a loss of anacoustic instrument sound quality you can use Silent mode. Recording and playback functions enrich the possibilities of a classical instrument. U1SH and U3 SH areavailable for $13.000- $16.000. The less pricey grand units are C1XSH, C2XSH and C3XSH for $38.000-$58.000. The most expensive stuff is huge concert 7'6" C7XSHfor $78.000. There is no "average" price for Yamaha Silent piano, as each unit differs in its characteristics and size. The difference between the simplest smallupright and huge concert grand instruments price can reach $70.000!

PianoThe Silent technology has become the revolutionary breakthrough on the market of manufactures designing new musical instruments. Due to the great functionprofessional musicians and composers can work any time they really want it, or when the new melody is born by their fantasy.