Yamaha C3 piano for sale: amazing Baby Grand piano

Professional musicians, searching for Yamaha C3 piano for sale make their perfect choice: this is an ideal instrument for small concert halls and performances. Keys of C3 grand piano determine an incredibly natural sensitivity to touch. C3 compact size lets you placing the item even in smaller rooms. Amazing by its beauty and musical range, this grand piano has an artistic look. Embodying Yamaha great experience and more than 100 years success, this instrument demonstrates the excellent quality, stunning performance and great value. Yamaha is proud to represent the line of these beautiful grand pianos, expressing the latest technological advances.

 Piano for saleCompletely redesigned for the new millennium, today's C3 series pianos are the best instruments by Yamaha.

Characteristics of C3

This Baby Grand has got 88 keys and 3 pedals. The length of the item is 186 cm (6.1 ft), its width is 149 cm (4.88 ft). The height of the tool is 101 cm (3.31 ft). Weighing 317 kg (699 lb), is has a polished design.
The white keys are covered with Ivorite composite material and resemble the real ivory, and black keys are made of wood-polymer composition looking like ebony.Elegant lines of C3 lectern models give the instrument a sleek and stylish form.


Transparent reverberation and stunning sounding overtones can change your sound ideals. Yamaha C3 pianos for sale give everything you expect and more. These instruments will satisfy any professional request. Professionals have spent hundreds of hours to improve the hammers, strings, and the balancing mechanism of damping.

Who is recommended to buy C3 model

As this Baby Grand has a very compact size, it can fit into smaller rooms, thus the instrument can be used at home. If you plan to start professional musical education, you can pick exactly this tool. Looking gorgeous and sounding brilliant, the grand piano C3 by Yamaha for sale is the best offer of the concern.Performing musicians can also pick it, as the sound does not almost differ from its larger Concert Grand piano "sibling".

Where can I buy Yamaha C3

Today you have various options: internet stores, musical specialized stores, marketplaces online, private sellers and so on. The advice here may be as follows: also seek a professional help in picking the unit. If you are an expert yourself, you won't need any prompts, but most buyers do not know how to distinguish authentic Yamaha from a fake piano. There are special services which offer their help for less. You will spend $25-$30 for a skilled master evaluation.

How much is the C3 model

Yamaha C3

The price depends on the age of year of this item. A new one costs over $20.000. That is why many people prefer to find private sellers who want to sell their used, but still great Baby Grand pianos. These items cost times less. If you wish to get this fantastically beautiful and divine sounding unit for less, be patient. Maybe your perfect C3 piano have been waiting for you somewhere?