Piano Yamaha U1 - Your Perfect Choice

One of the most popular and demanded musical instruments is piano Yamaha U1. It is refined classic piano which is liked by lots of discerning pianists. Yamaha Company has modernized all elements of sound creation and produced a great instrument with the amazing resonant voice and balanced timbre. Piano Yamaha U1 is developed and produced in Japan and has perfect quality.

Instrument description

Piano has standard dimensions:

  1. Height is 121 cm.
  2.  Depth is 61.5 cm.
  3. Width is 151 cm.

The instrument is presented in two variations: Silent Piano and Disklavier. Models are produced in 4 colors – white, ebony, dark walnut and white. All surfaces of pianos are polished. But if you want to by an instrument on the 2-hand market probably you'll find the only dark colored model for less than half price of new one. Used light Yamaha U1 is very rare and unique thing.

Young As for piano construction, the modernized soundboard has a powerful voice due to rib configuration. Safe and strong iron frame guarantees structural stability and reliability of the instrument. Yamaha is produced of solid spruce which makes the sound more intensive and gives it the best tone. It has special metal action rails which provide long-lasting piano exploitation in spite of weather changes. Specially developed hammers guarantee the optimum sound and long durability of the instrument. All keys of U1 are tested to provide needed down weight pressure. The damping mechanism of fallboard protects pianists from accidental damage.



Piano Yamaha U1 has perfect quality due to professional craft, unique construction, and strong materials.

Advantages and roses

Yamaha U1 is original Japan instrument which has plenty of advantages:

  1. Optimum construction. For many years, U1 has been popular among other modern piano models. It proves that instrument construction is perfectly engineered to avoid regular settings and guarantee strong and pleasant sound production.
  2. Acceptable dimensions. U1 isn't too big. It's ideal for apartments or musical schools. Even if your flat is quite small you're able to buy this model due to its compact dimensions.
  3. Great popularity.Yamaha is demanded by musical school teachers and college professors as it has high quality and it is ideal for musical training.
  4. Acceptable price. If you want to have a grand elegant instrument for competitive price piano Yamaha U1 is your choice. It's cheaper than last Yamaha piano modifications and it has perfect sweet sound.
  5. Extra features.  The instrument has such functions as 256 note polyphony and 256Mb of wave memory. It's even possible to record your music using USB directly during the concert.

 Price piano

World standard piano U1 has plenty of advantages in used materials and construction. It's impossible to compare it with Chinese and Hong-Kong musical instruments. Refined design, comfort, durability and exquisite sound make this model recognized and demanded by pianists all over the world.