Yamaha Disklavier


What is Disklavier?

Yamaha Disklavier

Yamaha Disklavier is a modern piano, which allows to set in a motion the mechanical parts of instrument and to reproduce musical compositions as a live sound without a human intervention, by means of the electromechanical solenoids and optical sensors, connected to the LED's. Most models are based on the real acoustic piano. They were so specially projected that that sensors and electromechanical elements did not mix and in any way did not influence on a sound at the ordinary playing the instrument.

Yamaha Disklavier are made in the form of grand piano and piano

They can be stored in its memory tunes, including the save of the acting pianist playing, and then, using these data, can reproduce the music. Disklavier also has the ability to connect to them informative stores it: floppy disk, CD-ROM, USB and others. It incorporates the power of the live sound of an acoustic piano and expanded its capabilities to the boundless horizons with the help of computer technology. It is a musical instrument that is worthy of great respect. It is firmly entrenched in musical life as both a home and a stage instrument.


  • 1. It ideally befits for the beginning musicians due to the technology of SmartKey: it is possible to learn to play in a strikingly short time, even without knowing the notes . And at the same time, one musician can accompany at a concert for two pianists "four hands", when Disklavier memorized one party, and the pianist creates the second party in flight directly improvisation during the concert. Moreover, this entry can be recorded in MIDI format file and played on another Disklavier piano anywhere in the world, by broadcasting over the Internet, with the maintained highest quality and all the sound momentum.


  • 2. Reproducing of "live" concert without the presence of the pianist. Influencing the comfortable parameters of speed and sounding volume, it is possible to enjoy the pieces of music recreated by classic part of Yamaha Disklavier by a movable keyboard, pedals and strings.


  • 3. The built-in digital generator of tone allows to reproduce not only parts of piano but also sounds of hundred instruments, in case of necessity creating the effect of presence of whole orchestra even for apartments with different acoustic, due to the effect of reverberation.


  • 4. Disklavier is equipped also by a double socket for headsets, that allows to develop parties for two performers, by the terminals of AUX, for PC connecting ,columns and external strengtheners of sound.


  • 5. The system of fiber-optic sensors does not interfere in the process of mechanics of piano, but allow to produce the record of party of the left and right hand separately.


  • 6. A line of ready to burn CDs with songs specifically for the Disklavier, and set it on the software PianoSoft Solo and PianoSoft PlusAudio and allow them to listen to whatever music styles they were treated and what the composition of instruments they were performed.