Yamaha U1 price: how much can the instrument cost

Upright pianos Yamaha U1 have gained unfading popularity among pianists and musicians enjoying an outstanding musical performance. Thus many of them want to buy it, but Yamaha U1 cost can vary depending on the year when it was manufactured, the condition of the unit and the seller location. The improvements made in all elements which are responsible for the sound creation led to a richer, resonant sound and equally balanced timbre across the entire keyboard of the U1. This unit is the greatest one choice of musical schools students and professionals.


How much is the new unit

The cost for Yamaha U1, if it is new, is about $8.000 - $10.000. Such a difference in costs depends on the dealer much. According to the information of the Bluebook of Pianos this 48" instrument is valued $10.100. The new item price depends on the manufacture location. The stuff made in Japan costs more. U1 made in Indonesia will be less expensive.

How much is a restored one

Yamaha U1 prices are not very high, although the instrument quality is excellent. Are you planning to buy a unit which was restored in Japan and in great condition? It will be $3400-$4300 (consider the date of manufacturing). Such stuff should be sold with a warranty for 10 years. Before selling, the piano is tuned professionally.

I was told U1 is more than $10.000, how it happened

Really, some modifications on U1, like UX1, UX5 or U100 models are more expensive due to their features and characteristics. These ones cost approximately $15.000 - $18.000 when they are new. What are the price differences depending on the year of the instrument

The prices for Yamaha U1 differ depending on the year when the piano was manufactured. For example, 1983 U1 will be $3.800 approximately. The U1A models made in 1983-1988 will be $3,900.

Will I have some profit if restore the piano and then sell it

The easiest way to sell your stuff is just to give an advertisement to a newspaper or online, and when a buyer is found, farewell with your instrument getting a small sum of money for it (less than $1.800 often). However, if you order the professional restoration, you can save $2000 - $10,000. It will be your profit after you pay for the restoration process.


What can also cause the price changes

Climate, very hot or very dry which can become the reason of crack appearing in the soundboard and some minor damages in piano. The units, made in Japan before 1970 can have these problems. The owners know about this and reduce the price of their stuff to sell it quickly.