Kimball Baby Grand piano: the perfect choice for home musician

The biggest famous company which made pianos in the 19th century was Kimball. For over 150 years (till 1996) the concern manufactured over 20.00 instruments in one year, and Kimball Baby Grand piano won the largest popularity.


Today such a tool can be bought as an antique or vintage thing - restored or not. Thus, the prices for these units differ much.


Why should I choose exactly this product

If you are in love with sounding of grand pianos, but you live in a smaller apartment than you should have to place such a thing there, then Baby Grand is the perfect variant to you. Compact, it can produce the same great deep sound like its bigger siblings. Thanks to its smaller size even a child can perform on it. This will be the ideal choice of a musical school student or a composer working at home.


All Kimball's Baby Grand pianos are made from the best wood which does not get major defects with time. The unit has 88 keys and three pedals. The length of it is 5 feet 1 inch, its width is 4 feet and 10 inches and the unit height is 3 feet 3 inches.

I was told I have Kimball but I see another name

Take a photo of your unit and show it to a specialist. The company produced its products under the other names. So that if you see such names as Whitney, Dunbar, Hinze or Harrison on your instrument and you are still told you own Kimball, it is true. Instruments, made after 1959, can have the name Jasper on them. Exactly this year The Jasper American Corporation bought the Kimball company. In 1966 Bösendorfer, (Austria) became a part of Kimball.

How much can it cost

The price depends on the year it was made and on its condition. The restored instrument costs like an antique stuff (thousands).The old item with different defects may be bought from private sellers for cheap. Check always for the cracks in a soundboard: minor cracks can exist. According to the Bluebook of Pianos, the average price for this unit is $14.300. If you sell yours , you will get less money when the unit is not restored.


When can I buy it

These are four main places where you can find them. They are online marketplaces like eBay, auctions, antique stores and private sellers. We recommend you to ask for a professional help when you buy this thing. Only an expert can evaluate this unit. Some unique items cost over $30.000 after restoration, the other are cheaper. The places with high reputation will give you a certificate for the unit and tune the instrument professionally.