Knabe Baby Grand piano: a small wonder of the famous company


The old American factory, popular today with its Knabe Baby Grand piano manufacturing, was founded more than 175 years ago by a German immigrant William Knabe in Baltimore. Today it is well known in the US and overseas. Decent quality and the high level of these budget instruments are determined by the handmade assembled mechanism, the exact accurate tuning and perfect sound. Some parts of the tool are made of exotic Indonesian wood. German, American and Canadian components of high quality are used in manufacturing this item as well.

Knabe Baby

The history of the instrument

The company was founded in 1837 in Baltimore, Maryland. Albert Einstein and Hans Von Bulow had these pianos at home and played them with pleasure. Hans Von Bulow had three pianos of this brand and used all of them in its tour concerts over the United States. Carnegie Hall in New York opening (1891) was marked by a performance of Tchaikovsky. He played exactly Knabe instrument. Since 1940, this prestigious brand of the USA has been the official name of the New York American Ballet.

The instrument characteristics

The Baby Grand piano by Knabe is 53 inches in its length (159 cm). It has got three pedals. Made of the best quality hardwood, the unit keeps the same clear sound for a very long time. Even used Knabe Baby Grand piano sound perfect. It has more expressive "voice", deep and rich, the keyboard is more sensitive and a range of sound change gradations is wider.

Serial Numbers

All instruments made by the company have got serial numbers. These marks help to understand if the tool is authentic and learn which year the item was made. When an expert evaluates the instrument, the number helps him to find the right price for the tool. Baby Grand pianos made by Knabe also have them. For example, 1925 manufactured items start with "97400" serial number, and 1926 begins with "99600". The first models my the company (1859) were marked "4100". The latest(1983) -"197894". When you want to sell your old item, pay attention at its number.

How much can the tool cost

Although Baby Grand pianos by Knabe refer to the cheaper items, some of the ancient instruments can be very costly. If your tool is made much time ago and has its own "history", you can come to a restorer. After restoration, the value of this item can grow in times.

 Grand piano

Where can I buy my Knabe

Specialized antique stores and online marketplaces such as eBay offer various unique instruments by this American company. The rare stuff is auctioned. The newer models (1970s-1980s) are offered sometimes in newspapers and TV advertisements.