Short excursus to the history of Ivers and Pond

Ivers and Pond Piano Company was one of the most prosperous keyboard instruments companies during 19th and 20th centuries. It was founded in 1872 by William H.Ivers; later, in 1880, the company entered into the partnership with Pond and received its current name, Ivers and Pond. The company owned several factories with high-quality equipment in Massachusetts and two offices with professional engineers in Boston. Soon they became a renowned piano makers. The company performed successfully till 1980 and then consolidated with a large Aeolian-American corporation.


Ivers and Pond one and a half centuries ago and today

From the very beginning, Ivers and Pond's pianos were admitted by the musicians as top-quality instruments. The pianos were quite expensive; they were great value for money. The company offered exceptional reliability and durability, combined with chic design. Those were one of the finest claviers available in music stores.The excellence in quality and design – that was the main characteristic of these instruments.


In current times, Ivers and Pond's pianos are as popular as they were centuries ago. The most part of the instruments is restored inside and out and prepared to use.Despite the age, Ivers and Pond keyboards still can rival modern instruments in musical quality.


Today the Grand and Upright pianos are available for purchase. There are also baby pianos for the smallest students. The instruments are completed with original matching benches or stools.

Some claviers are upgraded with computerized playing or reproducing mechanisms. Thanks to the digitalization, you can even connect the piano to your computer or Ipad.

The secret of Ivers and Pond recent popularity

Naturally, the main Ivers and Pond pianos advantage is the superior quality of the sound. Brilliant gentle tone with warm and soothing after sound notes won't left the audience untouched.


Ivers and Pond's pianos are distinct in peculiarly gorgeous look. These instruments are made of special types of wood, which combine strength and beauty. The claviers are decorated lavishly with carved details.


The pianos are designed in various styles and differ from each other; each line of claviers is unique. For example, Empire Revival Victorian style instruments have beautiful hand-made engravings on their cases, music racks, lyres and legs.

PianoIvers and Pond claviers in the Louis XV style are considered to be one of the most beautiful pianos in classic furniture styles ever manufactured. These instruments are the embodiment of elegance and wealth. Made of exotic mahogany wood, the pianos delight the eye with curious cuttings.


The claviers made in Colonial style are also stunningly beautiful with their curved pillars and turned legs. The instruments in this series are notable with their petite size. They are especially good for personal at-home use.