The facts you can learn from Kimball piano review

The most popular among the largest American piano manufacturers, Kimbal (founded in 1867) discontinued manufacturing instruments in the USA in 1996. As Kimball piano review states, later the units were produced in China.


Chinese Artfield Piano bought all equipment which was needed to manufacture these units. Since that time, the stuff under this brand is "Made in China". Real American quality instruments can be found in antique stores and marketplaces.


What are the types of instruments of the company

They are upright, grand and baby grand pianos. As Kimball pianos reviews show the most popular has become the baby grand unit. With its low price (in comparison with the similar models), it has a perfect sound and a very compact size. Exactly these features have become #1 reason of this instrument popularity.

What does the number of my Kimball mean

If it has a certain number, it mean it was made after 1880. Before that time, square pianos did not feature it. The unique instrument with serial number "1" was made in 1880. 1890 year was opened with "3200" serial number, 1891-"9000", 1959 started with "595500" and 1976 with "1000100". As the production of the units reached a million, the company changed the scheme which they used to mark their next unit. Now the letters were used as well. For instance, if you meet R01251, it is 1991 serial number where "R" stands for Kimball brand. The unit made in 1996 with the number J52351 "tells," you that it was made by Jasper American ( the company which bought Kimball in 1959).

What are the other names used for the unit

After the time the company was sold to Jasper Corporation, the pianos were manufactured under the following names: Becker, Jasper-American, Conn, Harrison, De Voe and Sons, Hinze, La Petite, Krakauer, Schuerman, Whitney, Whitmore and Whittaker. So if you have at home an old piano with one of these names written on it, be sure: you own the famous Kimball.

I want to sell it. What shall I deal with

We recommend you to find an expert. You need a person who is aware of all these details with serial numbers and can read them, knows about the history of the brand and can distinguish " Made in USA" from " Made in China" products. This person will help you to evaluate the instrument.

Kimball piano

You should also read more reviews of Kimball pianos and learn the approximate price for the instrument you own. In case you have an antique stuff, you have two other ways to sell it: "as is"- without a restoration and investing some money into restoration. The second variant will let you get more profit from selling the thing. Some unique items are sold for big money: $30.000 and over. To learn the approximate price for your stuff and evaluate it yourself, visit The Bluebook of Pianos and read carefully everything about the instrument you own.