Оne and a half centuries in making timeless masterpieces

Committing the whole life to music

The founder of the legendary brand "M. Steinert and Sons" Morris Steinert, born in Bavaria (Germany), worked the long way up in the USA from a violinist in the minstrel troupe, travelling from Connecticut to Ohio, a retail music store clerk in Georgia, covering $600 per year, a performing musician and a music teacher to the owner of the musical instruments manufacturing company, producing pianos and reed and pipe organs.

Steinert Piano
By now "M. Steinert and Sons" is 155 years since the moment of its foundation, and as for Steinert piano models, designed by the brand they are the real embodiment of unparalleled quality and sophisticated style, highly valued by the professional musicians and by the experts in the musical instruments domain.


The secret of the "M. Steinert and Sons" musical instruments success among the customers is in true devotion of the manufacturer team to the high-quality standards and scrupulous attention to every detail, from the materials employed to the choice of appropriate manufacturing techniques.

Genuine brand pianos affordable to everyone

To be honest, it was never possible to buy a quality piano by a reputed brand at a low price – especially if it is a musical instrument, painstakingly made by hand (as it is actually a case with pianos, designed by Steinert). But still the company strives to make their musical instruments more affordable for musicians, so it finds opportunities to produce the special lines of lines of pianos that strike a balance between the distinctive brand quality and moderate prices.

Steinert Piano


By now entry-level and professional musicians are offered three main product lines designed by Steinert:

  1. Superior-quality majestic Steinway grand pianos and upright pianos, providing full and rich sound, inimitable tonal quality and irreproachable responsiveness of touch.
  2. Mid-range Boston grand pianos with patented Octagrip™ pin block, maple rim and duplex scaling system, providing full, balanced and long-lasting tone. One may choose a grand piano in classic black or white color as well as in walnut and mahogany.
  3. Boston PE range of upright pianos (UP-132E, UP-126E and UP-118E models with black finish), characterized by a full, powerful sound and featured with a duplex scale for particular harmonic richness.
  4. Affordable and durable Essex grand pianos, representing traditional design models (EGP-173C, EGP-155C) in black, white, mahogany or Kew Bubinga,made of specially engineered materials with the use of large-scale production techniques and providing perfect tonal volume and responsiveness while playing.
  5. Elegantly designed upright Essex pianos (EUP-123FL, EUP-123E, EUP-116E, EUP-111E, EUP-108C) characterized by impressive design and incorporating the latestengineering enhancements with a specially developed by Steinway tapered soundboard, providing more tonal volume to the instrument.


The brand is also greatly involved in promoting and supporting music education in the USA and abroad.