Conover piano-the honest price for the old instrument

Founded in 1880 in Kansas City, Conover company, it moved 10 years later to Chicago where it joined the Cable company. Thus, if you are told you are offered Conover piano, but you see the Cable stamp, it is still an authentic model. Today Conover pianos are offered at antique stores, and they are highly evaluated. Such an item can cost over $35.000. The restoration stuff is offered online and auctioned. The older the instrument is and the better work was done by a professional restorer, the more money the tool owner can ask for it. If you have at home an old instrument with the plate "Conover" or "Cable", you can sell it yourself.


How much can the tool cost without any restoration

Highly rated, Conover old products can be sold if you do not need them. Only an expert can evaluate your unit, but the approximate profit you can wait for after you sell the item made at the beginning of XX century is $5.000-$6.000.


The price depends on the instrument condition. The sum of money, mentioned above, should be paid if the tool is not damaged seriously and it looks like new. If the soundboard has some cracks which won't affect the sound, you can wait good money from selling of your piano. In case, the damages are serious and the piano gives the false sound even after tuning, the stuff won't be evaluated highly. These old things worth professional restoration. Their value grows after it.

What is the price after restoration

The Antique Piano Shop successfully sells upright pianos by Conover. These instruments have undergone a process of restoration. Unique models cost over $30.000.Less rare items are evaluated as the units costing $14.000 - $18.000.

What is the sum I should pay to restore it

When a master starts working at the unit soundboard, pin block and bridges are sound it may cost you $2500 - $3500 for rebuilding the unit partially. Additionally the tool must be restrung and get new hammers, the keys should be renewed. In case it needs more changes, the price will sufficiently grow. The work should be done only by certified professional. You need to get a special paper after he finishes the job, where it has to be pointed which works were done and how much it costed. If you put much money into the unit, you have the full right to expect to get a profit.


Can I expect a good profit after all

If your product was restored, it has to be evaluated much more. In each case, the profit sum will be different, but you will get definitely more money than you have spent on the instrument. The best variant for the piano owner will be to get a personal professional advice.

Are there any new models of this company

No, Conover Cable instruments are not manufactured anymore. The "younger" models refer to vintage stuff, the older ones (over 65 years) are antique things.