Kawai upright piano price and specifications

Japanese Kawai company, established more than eighty years ago, has become popular on all the continents. Due to the greatest amount of instruments, models and types, Kawai upright piano price vary greatly. You can find a used stuff for less than $500 and the old rare antique unit for $38.000 and over. The company produces stuff of different levels - the average consumer (Series GM, GE), the standard performance (line RX) and high professional (Shigeru Kawai, Series SK)classes pianos. Depending on the class of the instrument you can call it a budget or a pricey high-quality unit.


Uprights and their costs

Kawai has become the company which manufactured the greatest amount of upright models. According to the expert evaluation of AAA instruments (in superior condition) Kawai upright pianos prices vary from $4.900 to $20.900. Meanwhile, these are retailers costs, so that a private seller will give you the discount which can reach half of the "official" price for this unit.


Choosing wood the masters use all methods of perception: their sight, smell and touch. The soundboards are made of spruce wood. The instruments have got themost reliable in the world of uprights mechanism. Due to its stability, accuracy and reliability, Ultra Responsive mechanism is the best one. The hammers heads are upholstered with 100% super felt. Kawai has become the first company which applied anti-friction ABS Styran material for manufacturing parts, taking on a greater load. This innovation has made the unit resistant to climate changes: temperature and humidity.

What are the most popular models

The K-3 upright was the leader by the quantity of the instruments sold. For many years, it has been #1 model chosen by professional and beginners thanks to the best price/quality ratio. This Kawai upright piano's price, if it is in AA and AAA condition can reach $9.000. Today K-300 series carries K - 3 good traditions.The cabinet which was redesigned has got a contemporary look.

The hammers were upgraded to mahogany and the key lengths were extended for the better control. K - 300 is a new model of K3. As K3 was got the proud name of acoustic piano of the year for 4 years, it is expected K - 300 will be a winner as well.

The other great professional instruments of the company

SK series are the most expensive units for performing in concert halls.

Piano price

Their costs differ from the price for Kawai upright pianos times. Shigeru Kawai SK-3L is a grand piano premium which demonstrates the exceptional combination of superior sound and response which have been rated by professional famous pianists. The soundboard is made of high-quality pine, and the hammers are manufactured from red hardwood. Special Neotex material which covers the keys does not let your fingers sliding and add the look of a real ivory. SK-EXL which is the largest instrument produced by the company ever (reaches over 9 feet) costs over $199.000 in AAA condition (according to the Bluebook of Pianos).