Virtual orchestra in the old-fashioned style

A brand to be trusted

Today the name of Lowrey Company, being a division of Kawai Musical Instruments Mfg. Co. Ltd. (a musical instruments manufacturing company, world-famous for its grand pianos, upright pianos, electronic keyboards, and synthesizers) is another word for new technology, top quality, expertise and craftsmanship in keyboard instruments making. What is more appealing here is the fact that Lowrey pianos are for everyone regardless of their age category, professional competence in music and goals they'd like to attain.


The Lowrey motto, advocating brand-new attitude to making music, invites entry-level and trained musicians, be they amateurs or professionals, to play what they like and like what they play on Lowrey pianos. Together with it the manufacturer does an enormous job to meet all the expectations and requirements of its customers.

Elegance and inspiration

Let's bear in mind that Lowrey Company is greatly involved in research and development in everything that could be related to music products and programs of worthy level (which actually the Lowrey team would always like to suggest to their customers).

If we speak about technology and functionality, the company for certain keeps up with the times, but as for the style and design of Lowrey pianos, it still keeps a touch of sentimentality and nostalgia, and, to be true, it is breathtaking. If you are looking for a, so to say, "thing-in-itself", multifunctional, many-sided, impressive and mysterious, the time has come looking through the list of what Lowrey

The company is ready to offer you

Lowrey Company literally has what to be proud of, as now you can easily buy:

  1. «Inspire Ey 400» with exceptional music making capabilities and natural wood cabinetry of heartland oak or cherry mahogany.
  2. «Eye 300 Fanfare», offering a wide range of authentic instrumental sounds, live-performance functionalities, and elegant design.
  3. «EZ10» virtual orchestra in laconic black-and-white style with extended player features and expanded voicing, offering unlimited creative opportunities.
  4. «EZ2», perfect for entry-level musicians, and comprising the brand-new Performer technology and a number of authentic voicing options.
  5. Versatile «EZ2» with a dual keyboard design and intuitive player controls.
  6. «EZP3 Easy Piano» with a good selection of professional features and special easy button.
  7. «EZP8» offering a wide variety of instrumental possibilities for effortless performance.
  8. High-technology and ultra-versatile «Liberty LE6500» in elegant old-fashioned design - with music recording functionality and multifunctional USB port.

 PianoThe list of advantages is long, and ones familiar with musical instruments by Lowrey could for sure innumerate them without end, but in the case of any of the Lowrey pianos seeing and mostly hearing is believing, so we won't waste your time any more. Just try and enjoy the distinctive sound and unlimited music making opportunities with one of the pianos by Lowrey.