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Samick piano

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We "master craftsmen" International Piano Technicians for our customers. Besides other major brands, offer Samick. Samick is the Korea-based instrument one of the world. They started as "Samick Pianos" making vertical out of a small storefront. Samick manufacturing and capability grew sufficiently, company make its first moves in the lucrative market. Samick moved toward the higher quality market. The company continued piano manufacturing techniques, in 1970 its abilities developed for it launch first pianos. While friendly to smaller spaces and budgets, they still match grand pianos volume and quality. Samick wide variety grand piano and sizes, ranging the budget-friendly brands the highest concert grand pianos. Combining the materials craftsmanship award- winning designs, Samick piano will make beautiful music generations to come.


Whether you looking for digital, upright, grand or concert piano, you cannot wrong Samick American World, Inc. The kind background years experience support states of the particular piano aficionados. Are the eager place you the keys your choice Samick pianos for lifetime musical enjoyment pleasure. Stop one of convenient locations our home Milwaukee Avenue, or additional outlets Chicago's Macy's and Park.


This instrument has designed to function a high-performing keyboard incorporating extraordinary orchestral including the high-quality stereo piano.

There also a 260 section having broad range – traditional dance to modern contemporary great rhythms.

You also record to 16 tracks a USB flash playback commercially.

Standard MIDI

The 88-not graded hammer keyboard, the multi-layer technology and the touch-sensitivity system ensure the best control the piano sound the absolute authenticity touch with quality and feel of a grand piano.

Piano The sound performance a far expensive digital ensemble piano can be yours at an amazing price. For offers, would think would difficult to operate; the ingenious makes a snap setup and navigate. Takes is one to set the entire instrument. Speaker 60 watts channel stereo makes for great sound.

A bench included.