Grand piano by Kawai: a masterpiece of art for heavy use

World-famous brand grand piano at a reasonable price

Being established in 1927, Kawai Musical Instruments Manufacturing Company (Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan) today is the world-famous manufacturer of musical instruments, electronic devices and music software. And not only that – the brand is greatly involved in operating music schools in many countries around the world(such as Australia, New Zealand and Singapore), so it may be said without doubt that it has a lot to do with the world of music.


As for the Kawai grand piano prices and the ones set for the other musical instruments, accessories and software by this manufacturer, they conform completely to the quality the brand is ready to ensure.

Kawai Grand

Why we love Kawai

The company founder Koichi Kawai, being from his early teens keen on designing and building of the piano action, initiated the brand philosophy, centered around the continuing research, development and innovation, favorable to the tone, touch, stability and durability of musical instruments.


Nowadays long-term, stable performance grand pianos by Kawai (being built by the company since the 1960s) win a worldwide reputation of the musical instruments, perfect even for heavy long-term use in the process of practice or teaching.

A list of Kawai chef-oeuvres to choose from

Looking at the breathtaking custom grand instrument by Kawai built for a Japanese composer and songwriter Yoshiki Hayashi in 1993, the one starts understanding that Kawai brand can really do wonder. And paging through the company product brochures ant customer receives another evidence of this fact.


The brand offers quality grand pianos for any purpose, giving opportunity to any musician to choose from:

  1. Kawai EX Concert Piano comprising Millennium III action with ABS-Carbon, developed by the company as far back as in 2004), soft fall fallboard, keys of NEOTEX™ and genuine ebony, music rack, covered with hard finish, and a distinguished piano case, covered with ebony polish.
  2. Grand pianos of Kawai GX Series, comprising the list of six grand piano models, representing perfect semi-concert, orchestra, chamber, conservatory and classic salon pieces in elegant classic design with Millennium III Action featuring ABS-carbon technology, offering the transcendent piano sound.
  3. Kawai GE-30 Baby Grand model with Millennium III Action™ with carbon fiber, full duplex scale, providing exceptional tonal quality, and adjustable sliding music rack.
  4. Kawai GM-12 Baby Grand , specially designed for optimum speed and responsiveness while playing music and able to offer really outstanding touch and playability to the most exacting pianists.
  5. Space-saving GM-11 Baby Grand with exceptional resonant tone and distinguished classic looks.
  6. And finally Kawai GM-10K Baby Grand Piano with Kawai "ultra-responsive" action, comprising exclusive ABS Styran parts, being perfect for piano playing practice and competent performance in a studio or at home.