How can I learn the real Kimball upright piano value

Among the leading companies manufacturers of pianos, Kimball has a certain place. The popularity of these instruments was mostly dictated by Kimball upright piano value. This is the less expensive stuff among the existing good quality keyboard instruments. For over 130 years the units were manufactured in the USA (since 1867), and in 1996 Kimball sold all the equipment to produce the stuff to Chinese Artfield Piano. The production of new Chinese units filled the market with budget and good quality instruments.


How should I learn the instrument price

To learn the value of Kimball upright piano is easy if you know how to read its serial number. Although the company manufactured its units since 1867, only 13 later the plates with serials appeared. Each serial number, beginning with its iconic "1" made in 1880 had (and has) the certain quantity of digits: four, five, six or seven. With a number of pianos manufactured by the company, the serial number was "growing". If in the 1890 it has four digits, later a number of digits was increased. 1960 year manufactured units had already 6-digit numbers, and "1000100" stamped on the 1976 piano showed the units amount reached a million and over.


I have an old 1924 (1915, 1899 and so on) unit. Is it an expensive antique stuff. Yes and no. The positive answer means it is an antique thing. The negative answer means if you have a worn instrument with damages the value of Kimball upright piano "falls" down. You might get for it $500 or a sum around it. If it is not tuned, it may cost even less. In case the unit does not hold the tune, the cost of it will be minimal. You need to call a technician, so that this professional will tell you about all the minuses of the stuff (or pluses, of course).

How much will the pric e of the unit grow if I order the restoration

Restore the item only if you are sure you will find the buyer for it. As the simplest restoration operation when the unit gets new strings, tuning, hammers, finishing costs minimum $9.500, it is a big question if you need it. Usually grand instruments are restored, and then sold for the good price. The Kimball upright unit value can't grow sufficiently, that is why many of them are sold "as they are" - with all minor cracks and defects from time. The Bluebook of Pianos gives the information about $11.900 for the AAA condition instrument.

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What is the place where I can find the best price

If it is a new unstrument, you should visit large specialized musical stores as they often announce about discounts for this stuff. Such stores can sell an item with a 20% discount. The older things are often met on Ebay and similar marketplaces. Today the approximate value of upright piano by Kimball is $500 - $1.000 if the stuff is very old and worn, but tunable. You can buy the antique item for $500 (in tunable condition, and a rare thing), invest $9.500 (the restoration 1 package) and sell it for much. These instruments after restoration are sold for $13.000- $14.000.