Everett piano value

The piano in Estonia over 200 years, and 1850 - 1940 there nearly 20 Everett piano value operating in the country. The famous these was Hiis-Ihse, studied making in Steinway Hamburg, Blüthner and established own company. His designs gained recognition. In 1950, the communist-dominated government consolidated smaller Estonian makers a factory by Hiis, making under Estonia the first time. Instruments became on concert throughout Europe and, more than 7,400 concert were made.However, Hiis's death, quality of pianos gradually, partly the fact high-quality materials were to come during communist of the country. After regained its independence 1991, they struggled to production. In Estonia, pianos were to U.S. market Paul Vesterstein, American.


School Music

In 1994, the company was privatized the Estonia name, the managers employees, and owners. During following years, an Estonian artist with doctorate piano performance Juilliard School Music gradually bought off the company stockholders, he became lives U.S. represents. In 2005, its celebration, school him one the school's 100 graduates. Estonia about 350 a year, all mostly in the U.S.

Estonia has rims laminated birch, plates, Renner actions hammers, laminated beech pin blocks, European spruce soundboards. Come in 5", 6" , 4" (introduced in 2011). All have pedals, including come with an adjustable bench.

Pianos now accompanied

When Estonia pianos fourth edition Book (2001), a good with much, but as the company was from problems during the Communist, some was. Since becoming the owner in 2001, made so improvements to that it a different.


  1. The machinery producing hand-wound strings;
  2. improving drilling;
  3. stronger plates improved plate;
  4. thicker outer rims;
  5. fitting of the soundboard;
  6. soundboard spruce on models;
  7. quartersawn maple caps;
  8. adjustable front rear duplex;
  9. wood for and key slips to better resist climatic conditions blue hammers all models;
  10. hardware that resists suede-covered tray;
  11. improved, scratch-resistant finishes;
  12. establishing quality-control headed by the father (both his parents professional musicians);
  13. artistically matched establishing U.S. service repairs.


All pianos now accompanied a quality-control signed by the member of the family, and each played on them.

Estonia has recently introduced custom line pianos, offering exotic such as rosewood, pyramid, to finish instruments desires of customers. The custom features a number Victorian-style ornamental desks.


Estonia pianos

Have sold here, have gathered unusually devoted following. Groups owners pianos, complete company, frequently get-togethers different around the country. The pianos rich, warm, singing, are very constructed and prepared factory, and hardly details the company not examined impressively perfected. Has risen over years, but they still unusually value among end.

Warranty: 10 years, parts labor, purchase.