Kawai Baby Grand piano: the clear sound which never becomes worse with time

For over eighty years, Kawai concern (Japan) has been manufacturing excellent quality musical instruments, and Kawai Baby Grand piano is one of them.These mini grand pianos have got the same clear deep sound which have their larger "siblings". Due to their small size, pleasant sound and classic appearance, Kawai Baby Grand pianos are ideal for a great play at home or in a studio. The details of the keyboard are made of composite materials and give the pianist more opportunities for disclosure of all hidden instrument possibilities with less effort.


Why should you choose it

This "baby" creates fantastic illusions, which turn to be a beautiful reality. It seems that the tool is much less than other ones, and it is. It takes up little space. Baby Grand piano by Kawai sounds just like a concert piano. It looks great in an apartment becoming the greatest home decor. It seems that just the unit fits a small child, and your kid can really start his musical education from this gorgeous model. Keys are easy to press, and it is not an illusion: the company has been worked out the special mechanics for keys. After many years of playing the tool, it will be the same easy-to-play unit. At last the best proof that this one is the best for you - its price: lower than for the other models.

Specific features of the sound

Baby Grand piano made by Kawai can be used in any room due to the precise mechanism that continues functioning even in the harshest conditions. It is possible due to the revolutionary system of Millennium III mechanics, using high precision ABS-Carbon mechanical unit, which has less weight, high-speed responsiveness and better resistance to changes of temperature and climate. ABS system used in the tool is one of the main reasons why instruments made by the company preserve rich sound and excellent sensitivity to the keys pressing.

Materials and techniques used

System slow-closing lid protects the hands of a musician and piano finish from the damage caused by the cover may fall. The keyboard is made of incredibly durable hardwood. In addition, for maximum strength each keyboard box in these pianos is strengthened with a special steel frame. The keys are covered with an exclusive material - Neotex. When you touch the units you can distinguish them from ivory. This covering prevents sliding fingers from the keyboard and helps to absorb excess moisture.

 Where can I buy it

The original Baby Grand piano from Kawai can be chosen at the official site of the company. Moreover: today the dealers working with this popular concern make a great present for all musicians and lovers of high quality live music.

 PianoSome models of these units are discounted for $2.000! As the unique instrument saves its pure sound for many years, you do not also risk when you buy it used. Ebay and the similar marketplaces have these offers which cost less.


Private sellers who gave up their musical career or move to another place can also offer their instruments for cheap.