Kawai piano price list: compare the prices

Anyone who has decided to buy a piano is interested first in two things: the instrument sound quality and its price. You can find Kawai piano price list and compare the costs for these tools with the similar models manufactured by the other companies online. In particular, Bluebook of Pianos gives the information about the average retail prices for these instruments. Kawai official site offers to download free version of the filed information about its products specifications.


Comparing prices

Compare price list for Kawai pianos and the costs for the models made by the other companies, and you will see the concern leads as its products are cheaper. K-15upright piano (44") costs approximately $4.900. Take the unit with the same characteristics, and you will feel the difference. For instance, Irmler P108 (the cheapest one) is $6.300. Knabe, Palatino and Pramberger also differs by their costs. With the similar characteristics, these models cost more than Kawai tools.Check how much the cheapest grand pianos are and you will get the same picture. The less expensive grand piano is approximate $14.600. For Schulze, Pollmann, Yamaha and Steinway and Sons products you will pay times more!

Cheaper does not mean worse

The instruments manufactured with Japanese accuracy remain the same extra high-quality products for many years after the day you bought it. Here the simple rule works: you should not overpay for the quality if the stuff can be affordable. Kawai piano price list is the best proof of it. It is enough to make a small comparison of the items presented there. Certainly, you should not compare the stuff with different characteristics. Choose the similar items and see the difference. When you get home your new instrument, you will feel all its advantages.

Why are these high-quality tools cheaper

For generations, the famous company has been accumulating knowledge and skills, improving production technologies in search of a really perfect Piano (with a capital letter). Over 8.000 pieces - these are the parts which a unit is made of! The purpose of the company is to create the best in the world stuff. For more than 80 years, experienced craftsmen have been focusing all their energy to achieve this goal. Meanwhile, no one product will be interesting to customers if it is expensive. The good and clean music should be affordable. Special contemporary materials which technologies were worked out by Japanese specialists are used to make these instruments. It let reducing the initial price for the materials and concentrate the manufacturer's effort on the clean quality sound.

Piano Kawai has developed and patented a technology of manufacturing critical components and parts of the instrument, the units which can make the stuff quality better, lowering the cost of the product. Technologies worked out by the concern specialists can be used today by the other manufacturers. All this will let the oldest musicians dream come true: the high-class instruments will become cheaper.