Musical instruments by Brambach Piano Company

Bridge across the centuries

Musical instruments made in past centuries were always in the focus of connoisseurs of antiques and professional musicians attention. Today we see the rising wave of popularity of the ones made during two previous centuries (Brambach pianos inclusive) - and it is fair enough, as playing the music by Schubert or Liszt on the piano made in the late XIX or early XX centuries, you do more than simple fingering – you recreate the epoch and touch the history.


From Bonn to New-York

«The only real guarantee which is the purchaser of a piano-forte has is in the reputation for honest and durable work of the maker". These words are taken from Brambach Sales Catalog issued in the early 20th century, and it looks like they are the main reason why we still appreciate so much piano models by the Brambach Piano Company.


The company founded by the German Franz Joseph Brambach in 1823 in Bonn (Germany) managed to take a noticeable place in the USA musical instruments market in already about 70years after it is being established in F.

Brambach homeland

Would you like to know the secret of the Brambach Piano Factory success? Ok, but don't expect great things here as it was not as if by magic. From the first days of its existence the company was focused on producing first-class instruments at a moderate price, so they made great efforts to equip their new plants in the best way and apply all their many years'experience, all the attainments and all the latest improvements in the course of the musical instruments making process. It was something that F. Brambach called "a conscientious method of manufacture".

Pianos, fully worth what is asked for them

Before we go straight to the details, describing the models of the Brambach pianos available at the antique shops and individual antique dealers today, it should be mentioned that irrespective of the piano model and style what you always get with any Brambach piano sample is:

  1. Artistic and harmonious musical instrument made by skilled piano makers.
  2. Durable materials used for all piano parts.
  3. An instrument perfect for being restored and applicable after restoration.
  4. A valuable antique made by the reputed manufacturer, being a reasonable capital investment.
  5. A real work of art able to create a unique romantic atmosphere in your house or apartment.


Durable luxury at a reasonable price

Speaking about the focus on the quality and durability of the Brambach Piano Factory products, we rely on facts only. If you pass your eyes over the 7 1/3 octaves piano models descriptions (styles № 4A, № 8A or № 10A) in Brambach Sales Catalog, you will make sure that manufacturer used only high-grade materials for its products: oak, mahogany, American walnut and rosewood finish for the wooden parts, ivory for the piano keys and artistic hand-carved designs for the piano case décor. These models differ in sizes but still have a couple of common features: a genuine Brambach design and incomparable quality.