Kawai Baby Grand piano price: why is the instrument cost less

If you compare Kawai Baby Grand piano price with the costs for the similar models manufactured by famous companies you will see the visual difference in their prices. These Kawai instruments are cheaper. The average lowest cost for Kawai Baby Grand piano GM-10K is $14.600. This five feet instrument is compact enough to be bought not for professional usage, but for homes. Who knows, probably your small son is a future Mozart. Buy him this product, and your child will fall in love with it and the world of music will become his world.


Long-time investment

Any grand piano is a long-time investment. The tool, chosen wisely, will give you an incomparable with anything else pleasure through all of your life. The smart investor chooses the product which has got the best cost/quality ratio. Low Kawai Baby Grand piano prices published online and in special editions give you the unique possibility to become this smart investor.

Choosing a piano

Selecting Kawai Baby Grand by price can be a smart decision if your budget is tough for getting more expensive tools. Meanwhile, when you pay less, it does not mean you get the quality which is worse. Even a person who is buying a musical instrument for the first time can distinguish an outstanding unit from just a good one if he knows what he wants. This mini guide will provide you with a list of key characteristics of an excellent item. Each piano can be characterized by 5 parameters. Its sound, durability and overall quality depend exactly on these five ones.

They are:

  1. Sounding
  2. The keyboard sensitivity
  3. Durability
  4. Beauty
  5. Details.

All these characteristics of Kawai products can be marked as "great","very good" and "excellent".

Prices comparison

According to Bluebook of pianos list, Kawai Baby Grand prices are less. These cost less than the tools with similar characteristics made by the other leading companies. You can also visit the official company site and check for the amazing discounts for its stuff.

Why the price is lower

All the efforts of the company were focused on creating the cheaper stuff from contemporary materials. Designed to make our world a better place to live. Using the latest materials and innovative design solutions, Kawai developed a mechanism for its musical instruments unsurpassed sensitivity and reliability. Millennium III has become the 1st representative of the 3rd generation of piano mechanisms. The company products are made from ABS-carbon composite material, which was created adding carbon into ABS styrene. In comparison with wood - material which is traditionally used to manufacture pianos - this material is cheaper. Besides its low price, it is an eco-friendly stuff.

 Piano price


The company was even awarded for this invention which also influenced the costs. ABS-Carbon saves the environment, lowers the initial price of the product, reduces the instrument weight. It is more durable than wood and the soundboard does not get cracks with time.