Krakauer piano

For the manufacturers of stringed keyboard instruments and the judges of music the word "Krakauer" is the synonym of superior quality. Fabricated more than 200 years ago, handmade Krakauer pianos are still functional. Moreover, these antiquarian instruments offer the highest performance and the purest sound.


The History of Krakauer Brothers Company

Krakauer family founded their manufactory in 1869 in New York. The family concern specialized in producing grand, console, upright, and spinet pianos. All the instruments were made of top-quality materials by the factory owners and their skilled assistants. Krakauer spent significant time and efforts to reach clear and rich sound and develop a lovely eye-catching design. Also, these masters of genius are known for their inventions in the area of claviers construction amendment and improvement. For example, they pioneered the closed back construction, which allowed to place the pianos of all models anywhere in the room, without putting the back to the wall. This special construction did not impair the quality of instrument tone.


Krakauer brothers also developed and promoted such internationally recognized brands as Madison, Lyrichord, and Verticordia. Thanks to the laudable reputation and top-quality products, the company survived the Great Depression.


Krakauer's were one of the few no mass-production concerns that escaped bankruptcy. They supplied the pianos to famous musicians, large theaters and music halls. Krakauer brothers performed successfully till 1977 when H.K. Graves bought the company and moved it to Germany.

Krakauer instruments today

In current times, Krakauer pianos are used widely in public schools, concert halls, and private houses. They are estimated highly due to the set of advantageous distinctive characteristic. One of their defining features is durability – the instruments look and sound new. Each model also has some specialties. Spinet pianos contain unique Acoustic Tone Chambers, that add the richness to the tone and enhance it significantly. Vertical and Grand models are remarkable for their attractive designs. Professionals, as well as the amateur music lovers, hold it an honor to use the hand-made clavier, produced by Simon Krakauer and his relatives.

PianoKrakauer pianos available for purchase are restored inside and out to the like-new condition. The supply package often includes special matching antiquarian stool. It is possible to install a computerized player mechanism to the instrument. However, in most cases the owners prefer to leave their claviers unchanged, as the ideality does not need any improvements.