Choosing your perfect Yamaha vertical piano

Yamaha concern is the old Japanese company ( founded in 1897) which has been manufacturing musical instruments. The great popularity of piano vertical Yamaha is explained by its exquisite design and harmonious beautiful sound. Although Yamaha is a manufacturer of modern keyboards for performers, nothing can be compared with classic design and traditional Japanese high quality of the unit making it the perfect companion for musical school education and performing.

Piano vertical

Picking Yamaha vertical you can choose the following types of this instrument


The amazing sound produced by this piano resembles the sound of a mini hammer which hits strings made of stainless steel. Performing musicians often pick this item as it is the same vertical piano from Yamaha, but with digital or electronic like sound. However, it is a mechanical traditional instrument.These units are costly, but they are perfect for modern musicians.

Electronic (digital)

It sounds as an acoustic one, but the item has microprocessors instead of traditional "hammers". Mechanics in digital instruments is very similar acoustic pianos mechanics. It simulates the weight of the hammers. Meanwhile, real lovers of music will tell you this stuff has some unnatural sound. The problem is in samples that are recorded in the permanent memory chips inside your digital piano and played back each time you press a key. Are there advantages in a digital tool? Yes, they are: you can practice with headphones and you do not need to tune the piano. For performing fun, these units are good.


Modern Yamaha vertical version can be a hybrid: the item which combines acoustic and electronic stuff features. The tool is a traditional instrument which has processors added. It sounds more live than "pure" digital one.

Which type of Yamaha is to choose

Picking it is a personal thing, but here you should know the following. Many beginners make the mistake to listen to advertising sellers and start their musical education with the digital piano. Perhaps they will never learn what it is: a real live sound. You can compare an artificial, faux flower and a flower "made" by nature. The first one is the same beautiful, even more attractive when you see it for the first time, but... with time you start to feel something fake in it. Classic, jazz and ragtime music is composed to "live" instruments. Try to compare the sound of live and digital pianos with friends, ask them what they hear. Then choose the one which you like more.


Where can you buy Yamaha

Besides many specialized musical stores dealing with professional instruments for performers and for beginners, you can do it at marketplaces. Ebay market (and the similar ones) is the place where you can save money but get a very good stuff. Meanwhile, if you can't judge professionally about the quality and the features of the item offered , it will be better if you ask a friend or a person who knows how to distinguish pianos help you in this choice.