Pearl River piano review and features

For almost 60 years, Pearl River Chinese company has been manufacturing upright and grand pianos. The simplest Pearl River piano review pays your attention at two things combined in this instrument: good quality and low price. The combination of these factors votes for the often choice which customers do when they pick a brand. The manufacturer offers two types of its instrument - upright and grand pianos. Each of these variants has some features which can recommend the unit to different customers.


Upright version

Such a unit has the strings, deck and mechanical parts which are arranged vertically, not horizontally. The instrument takes less space than a grand version. Its width is 144 cm (57") - 151 cm (59.5"). The unique tool can produce truly divine music. If you decided to buy it you have made the first step towards the creation of such music. After reading reviews on Pearl River pianos and comparing several models, contacting consultants, you will understand which item you need. Upright items are good both for beginners and professionals.

Grand piano

Mechanical parts, strings and soundboard of it are arranged in a horizontal position. Unlike the upright instrument, it has a wing shape of the body and characterized by a louder, deeper and brighter sound. Such type of an instrument can't be recommended for beginners. Pearl River piano reviews call it the ideal instrument for concert halls. These items are larger than upright units, but they also have size grades. You can pick Baby Grand, Grand or Concert Grand unit. The smallest item is 150 cm (4'11"), the largest one is 275 cm (9 feet) long.

Different names of the brand

This Chinese manufacturer sells its products for over 80 countries. The American market has been offering its customers Pearl River goods since 1999. The huge market area affected the names which were given to the stuff by this brand. If you met Miller or Essex, Ackerman, Cristofori or Beale, Offenbach or Brentwood,

Spangler & Amp; Sohne or Charles Albrecht, these are also products by this company. Weiler, Langston, R.Shirmer, Ridgewood and Waldstein are also among them.

 River Piano

Why Pearl River

The brand offers cheaper instruments which have proved their good quality. Most of people who own now this stuff left (and leave) Pearl River piano positive reviews. The instrument owners call its sound clear, and its keys "easy to touch". The look of the good was also marked as excellent. It fits into classic interiors, and it looks nice at musical schools. Concert Grand items are designed for concert halls and large scene.