Inspired by vintage

Vintage and comfort

A distinguished and comfortable piano bench, matching perfectly your piano in style, design as well as in color scheme is an integral part of a musician's lifestyle. The fashion trend, easily traced in the new product lines by the world-famous musical instruments and amp; accessories manufacturers is the passion for antique styles and designs, which is for sure caused by an increasing demand for such products at reasonable prices at the world market.

Vintage Piano Stool
To be true, many of the professional musicians or even amateurs, keen on playing classical music, would be happy to own a genuine gaudily luxurious vintage piano stool a la Louis XV, a more laconic in style antique piano bench a la Queen Anne, or at least a picturesque one in early American style… But, unfortunately, we should admit that far from everybody can really afford that.


Still there is good news either: today a good number of musical instruments and amp; accessories manufacturing companies do their best to offer their customers worthy in quality and style concert benches, rectangular benches and piano chairs and stools, resembling greatly the genuine antique ones but together with it much more affordable.

I love you, new vintage

A short on-line shopping tours reaffirm the existence of a wide-range of desirable products by modern manufacturers, fully satisfying the requirements of vintage piano accessories lovers.

Among the ones worthy of special attention there are the product lines by «Woodhouse» (for the Queen Anne style models admirers) and « John Austin» (for those who prefer the piano accessories in early American style).


In these manufacturers' catalogs you can find something like:

  1. MS502R Solo Piano Stool by «Woodhouse» - in teak with blue dralon, with elegantly carved wooded legs.
  2. MS801C Solo Piano Stool by «Woodhouse» - a cabriole leg piece of natural walnut with inset pad upholstered in iron chenille fabric.
  3. MS402 Duet Piano Stool by «Woodhouse», representing a classic style leg duet box piano stool with side rails (the wooden base: dark mahogany; the seat upholstery: ivory dralon).
  4. JA01 Solo Piano Stool by «John Austin», representing a laconic old-fashioned model with inset pad upholstered in fabric chosen to the customer's taste out of 21 offered options, including quality dralon of 12 colors and leather and buttoned leather hide of 4 colors.


Vintage Piano Stool


Anything together with your piano

For those who are not ready to waste much time searching for an appropriate piano accessory, there is another way out: there are music instruments manufacturing companies ready to offer the antique piano stools together with a piano, perfectly matching it in color and style – like Nanna Guixiang Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. or Lowrey Organ Company, for example. So, why not a single bench with buttoned leather cover, straight legs and music storage space in intense black by «Guixiang» or a mahogany piano bench with a leather-upholstered sitting in chocolate brown by «Lowrey»?