The main "components" of the Kimball piano value

Kimball is the American popular manufacturer of upright and grand pianos. Each time you buy or sell the instrument you should have the update information about Kimball piano value. Only after you learn the approximate costs of retailers (for the new stuff) or compare the prices for the products in worn and excellent condition, you can decide if the unit which you want to buy worth this sum asked for it or learn what is the maximum which you can get for the used stuff.Comparing the product brands costs, you will see that Kimball baby grand is the most affordable unit among the best quality instruments. Uprights are not cheap, but most of them remain in great (A or even AA) condition even after being used.

Kimball piano

How much is the upright

The cost of the instrument is a sum of several features of it: its technical condition, the outlook and finish, the sound and the age. The serial number will help you to define the exact age of the item. As it is impossible for a non-professional remembering all serials by heart, visit the official site of the company or The Bluebook of Pianos. Lists with all serial numbers placed there. Comparing the digits which you see on the plate with the given information, you will get the answer for your question. The average AAA condition upright piano Kimball value is about $11.900 officially. Meanwhile, the private sellers offer the stuff for cheaper prices. Wornand untuned instruments which can be tuned, however, may be yours for $500- $1.000.

What is the price for a grand

The company has become extremely popular due to the great quality, deep pure sound and low prices of these products and especially baby grands. Such a baby grand piano by Kimball value is $14.300 if it is AAA condition ( the Bluebook of Pianos information). Private sellers offer sometimes unique stuff. For instance baby grand instrument with "R06378" serial number is a great quality "Made in the USA" (here the letter "R" indicates the Kimball American production) can be yours for$4.000-$5.000. It is made in 1990s, but before that time when the company was sold to China. A very old (19th century) instrument will grow in its value after restoration. Mostly grands are "invested" in, as the buyers are more interested in this type of stuff.

Piano Value

What must I consider buying or selling the unit

Learning the price from a retailer, remember it or even write it down together with all characteristics of the instrument. Try to learn the wholesale costs to understand the retailer's policy. Check for the private sellers offers and even list them to compare. The real value of your stuff will be the arithmetical mean (the average digit) of the retailer's and the warehouse's costs. Call a technician who will determine your Kimball piano's value. Ask this professional about all the defects which your item has. The guy may also (may, not must!) recommend you the place where you will sell the unit and get the better profit or prompt you who is the best master for restoration.