Schafer and Sons piano: which one is to choose

The American company Schafer and Sons was founded only 50 years ago, but during this period thousands of high-quality instruments were manufactured there and sold in various countries. Each Schafer and Sons piano are carefully made by people who have devoted their lives to music and manufacturing musical instruments. Although this is a small family company it is known not in the USA only, but overseas: South Korea and China cooperate with Schafer and Sons.

Schafer And Sons Piano

Models of pianos

The company manufactures the following instruments:

  1. SS51 (Californian),
  2. SS58 (Artist),
  3. VS42 (Continental),
  4. VS44A (Chippendale),
  5. VS48 (Conservatory),
  6. VS52 (Concert).

Each of these models has been designed for different purposes. If you need a compact version of a grand piano buy SS51 Californian. Performing musicians should pay attention at VS52 Concert model. Vertical upright VS44A Chippendale will be the ideal choice for beginners, but skilled musicians also enjoy the sound of the unit. SS58 Artist unit will be loved by performers who give their public concerts and for composers.

How to choose your instrument

Schafer and Sons do not offer very expensive models, meanwhile the beginner may find the price for a brand new tool too high. As all these products have the great quality, they save clean sound even after many years of being used. You can pick a used piano from Schafer and Sons company but consider the following.

Schafer And Sons Piano 

Some people confuse a deck and a frame. They believe: if the deck is cracked, the tool can't be tuned correctly. This rule works only for the metal frame. If there is a crack in the frame, there is a 90-95% possibility you won't tune your instrument. Cracks in the wooden deck are not so critical. Certainly, when you buy an instrument you would like to purchase it with a minimum of defects. Ideally your piano must have no deck defects, but nothing is perfect.

What should you do if you found a crack in the deck

If you found one or even several deck cracks and they go in the direction of the wood grain you may buy this instrument. Usually, such a small damage does no affect the sound. Moreover, sooner or later the deck will get cracks through its old age, temperature and humidity changes and so on. A mini defect there can be even "useful" when you buy used stuff. It can reduce the price for the item, but won't change the sound quality.


How to take care about your instrument

Schafer and Sons pianos should be placed in a very dry place, preferably close to the inner wall.

  1. the even temperature in the room should be supported.
  2. the item must not stand by the window or by the fireplace.
  3. never let non-specialists making any changes inside the instrument, tune it or redesign.
  4. never place any stuff inside the piano.
  5. if the polished surface is coated with a residue of moisture, do not wipe it,it will disappear by itself after a certain time.

If you follow these easy rules your chosen perfect Schafer and Sons piano will serve you for long producing divine sounds.