Baldwin upright piano value: how to determine it

Baldwin American company has been manufacturing pianos since 1857. The right Вaldwin upright piano value depends often on the age of this musical instrument and its own history. Picking Baldwin is the best solution for those who are not accustomed to enduring discomfort. The exceptionally high quality of performance, tremendous variety of designs and attention to details - that's what distinguishes the american product from everything else.


Famous musicians who used this instrument

The sound of this unit is excellent. It's amazing quality and elegant look could not stop Dave Brubeck, Ben Folds, Liberace, Aaron Copeland and Miley Cyrus choosing exactly this brand. The value of Baldwin upright piano can also depend on the history of the unit. Some instruments are rare and unique as they belonged to known people. This stuff is usually auctioned.

The other names of the brand

The oldest items by this brand were manufactured under various names. If you meet Kremlin, Monarch, Acrosonic, Sargent, Manualo, Chickering, Modello, Wurlitzer, Schroeder, Valley Gem, Ellington, St. Regis, Schroeder, Valley Gem you should remember: they also belong to Baldwin. Howard and Hamilton are also popular names of the units of the same brand. Since 1963 to 1986 the company sold its instruments under Bechstein name, but after 1986 Karl Schulze started to use it. The value of Baldwin piano upright unit can also depend on the name manufactured under.

Choosing the instrument

Picking the right stuff is not an easy task. Before buying the item decide what is the purpose you get it for: for the educational process, professional activities or pleasure. Professional musicians might not need any advice, but most people will need some help from a professional. The company dealers have these professionals in their staff. Individuals also can help you. If you know a trusted person asks for his help in picking the right piano for you.

New or old one

If you take a piano for learning, then you can pick a used stuff. In case you give up your musical school, you won't be sorry for the money spent. When choosing a used item is better to give preference to the instrument which was used for a short time. Also pay attention to the surface of the item. It must be free of cracks in the deck. If you do decide to purchase the instrument for professional activities, you should opt for a new stuff.


Where you can buy Вaldwin instrument

The new models can be bought at the official site . Use the online catalogue to pick up the needed product. You have to fill in the special form and order the unit. There you can also ask specialists about the value of your Вaldwin upright piano. If you have the instrument and want to sell it you can do it through Ebay.The buyers seeking for antique and vintage things from the seller can find their piano also at this and other popular marketplaces.