Baldwin upright piano prices

Being established in 1862, Baldwin Company quickly became the largest American manufacturer of keyboard instruments supplied in different price ranges.

Baldwin upright Therefore, Baldwin upright piano prices are diverse up till now to suit anyone's pocket. And even though today the company has moved from the US to China, it is still as popular as a century and half ago. The reason of such immense popularity lies in the exceptional quality of each and every product bearing the proud name "Baldwin". All pianos of this brand name are distinguished as musical instruments featuring unbeatable tone, touch and durability.

Remarkable artists choose Baldwin

The exceptional value of Baldwin pianos has always been highly appreciated by world leading musicians. Along with the sensible costs for Baldwin upright pianos, their incredible voice has led many renowned artists to stop their choices on particularly Baldwin instruments.

Among them, you can come across the following names:

  1. Miley Cyrus
  2. Dave Brubeck
  3. Liberace
  4. Amy Lee (Evanescence)
  5. Aaron Copeland
  6. Marian McPartland
  7. Ben Folds
  8. Ray Charles


Most outstanding pianists prefer Baldwin instruments for both recordings and performing live.

Among these pianists, the most remarkable ones are the following:

  1. Walter Gieseking
  2. Jorge Bolet
  3. Jose Iturbi
  4. Earl Wild

Baldwin Piano Styles: Advantage of vertical (upright) pianos

Nevertheless, they are available either in grand or vertical (upright) styles. The style influences the cost for a Baldwin upright piano. Most musicians prefer upright pianos as they provide exceptional big sound called the "deep American" in the bass area as well as the clearest bell-like sound in the high treble end. Choosing exclusively the highest quality materials and applying special techniques, company's masters of keyboard instruments create simply majestic products!


Anyway, what else captures attention in vertical Baldwin pianos is the beautiful cabinetry each owns. Obtaining these pianos, you not only guarantee fantastic sound but also wonderful look added to your interior!

Baldwin piano cost: from the least to most expensive

However, returning to the price for the upright version we are to state that it differs depending on the model ranging from approximately $7,000 to $12,000 for new models. Visiting the official website of the company be prepared to be fascinated with each model presented by the brand. For this period of time, there are twelve magnificent upright pianos presented to customers judgment. Considering the Baldwin upright piano prices we are to inform the least expensive one is the model B120/BP1 at $7,985 cost. This model is versatile and perfect for any situation. Being more compact in size yet equally powerful in sound as more expensive pianos by the brand, this model excellently suits small areas such as schools or homes.


Anyway, passing to the most expensive new pianos manufactured by Baldwin we can't pass by the Baldwin B252 at the cost of $11,495.