What should you know about your Baldwin upright piano

American musical instruments made by Baldwin have deep and very juicy sound. Baldwin upright piano appeared in 1889, although the company was forking on the market for 27 years by this time. One of the oldest companies dealed with retailing units first, but then it started to manufacture its own items which became real masterpieces. Today authentic upright piano by Baldwin, restored and auctioned, can cost very much. However, the younger models are affordable. They can be used by students of musical schools, teachers of music and composers. The compact size of the item lets placing it into a small modern studio.


I have the unit of this company, but I see another name on it, what is it

The other names used by the concern are Modello, Acrosonic, St. Regis, Chickering, Valley Gem, Wurlitzer, Ellington, Kremlin, Manualo, Winton, Sargent, Franke, Monarch and Schroeder. Baldwin upright pianos under the names of Hamilton and Howard have got the greatest fame and popularity. That is why if one of these names is stamped on your instrument you can guess you have an authentic Baldwin.

How can I learn my stuff is original

Each item built by the company has a special serial number. These serials numbers are different for grand and upright instruments. Baldwin upright pianos have six or seven digits serials. For instance, the unit manufactured in 1960 begins with "679844". The first instrument which was built in 1977 is marked as "1037719".Hamilton 1988 is marked with "414349" and Howard 1968 and younger - with "106212". All these numbers are stored in the base so that you can check if the digits you see on your unit plate exist in reality. The latest manufactured product was sold in 2008, after that the company discontinued pianos production.

I want to buy this instrument. How much is the new one

" Younger" and smaller in size models (47") cost approximately $7.200. Meanwhile, this is the information from official sources - The Bluebook of Pianos. If you trust the person, you can buy the stuff from a private seller. In this case, you can save up to a half of this sum. Meanwhile, do not hurry up. Restoring this item and investing some money into this work, you will get later more. Units before and after restoration prices differ in times.


I want to sell my instrument. How can I do it right

First of all, try to evaluate the stuff you own yourself. Find the serial, compare it with the base of these numbers. Check if a soundboard has or has no cracks and damage, try the response of the keys. Read information about the model of upright piano from Baldwin. If you find you have antique stuff ( the unit should be older than sixty years), you should find an expert. He will evaluate the product and even prompt you the addresses of people who are interested in the similar things. If you are interested in the larger profit, you should be patient, and the award will be the money got from selling a renewed instrument.