Baldwin spinet piano - the perfect choice for professional pianists and amateurs

Baldwin piano company is known all over the world. It's Baldwin spinet piano is one the most popular models with perfect tone and rich timbre. The company was founded in 1862 in the USA and soon became the only American enterprise which produced pianos of high quality and different prices. Many famous pianists (Aaron Copeland, Dave Brubeck, Miley Cyrus and others) have chosen especially Baldwin musical instruments.


Baldwin products advantages

Instrument developers are real professionals at their sphere and create perfect piano models. Baldwin spinet piano has great advantages and specs:

  1. Classical comfortable design. Instruments aren't too big and it's possible to place them in small apartments and houses. Elegant and timeless design is actual and popular among professional pianists, musical teachers and aspiring musicians. Red timber models are especially required by customers as they look rich and exclusive.
  2. Perfect inside construction. Qualitative soundboards, reliable bridges and spruce ribs, tight strings and strong frame guarantee beautiful sound and long-lasting exploitation.
  3. Original tone. Musical instruments have a rich and powerful tone in the bass area. High tremble end has a soft and tender voice which reminds bell sounding.
  4. Durability and high quality of materials. Baldwin spinet piano is made of well-dried timber and other premium materials which guarantee perfect deep tone and strength of construction.

Versatility and elegance of instrument

Baldwin Company always pays particular attention to instrument design and sound. Models have to make room elegant, stylish and presentable. Most of Baldwin spinet pianos have a polish cover which provides intensive and picturesque shine.


If you want to save money and buy used musical instrument you can find many models being in use. Most of them are of dark or red colors. Due to perfect durability probably all used pianos have excellent conditions. For such model, you have to pay two times less than for a new one.

Instrument dimensions

The piano has an optimum height which is actual for home, school, church etc. displaying and accommodation a large sound bar for deep and powerful tone. Almost all Baldwin instruments are 120-125 centimeters high. This height is ideal for all parameters to guarantee excellent sounding. It follows famous Baldwin scale design which determines the special form of ribs and bridges, shape of the sound bar and strings tension to receive a rich and deep tone. Mapes or Roslau strings are used to provide durability and nice tone.

Baldwin Baldwin spinet piano is popular and required by many pianists, has perfect durability and high quality.