How to know the exact year of your piano producing

Baldwin piano has been an Acrosonic since 1993. You can find here. The list hasn't become more since 1989. But every musician can get to know the quantity of musical instruments manufactured every year and date yours to the beginning of the `90s.


There have been a lot of different situations in the history of the company existence and developing. Also, it went bankrupt twice in 1984 and 2001 and always changed hands. The production of the company depends on all these factors. Anyway, it has really good quality. In spite of all the fails, the company turned out well to provide really perfect production which satisfies musicians from all over the world.

How to get to know the year of producing

You have a good opportunity to access the link and get to know the exact year of your Baldwin construction. It`s really easy and you must not do difficult things to get a result.


If you are a musician your instrument is very important for you because it can fill you with strong life energy and present the best moments in your life. So if you are a quite good musician you must have an expensive quality one to create musical compositions. Baldwin is one of the oldest companies which has produced different pianos for a long time. All good musicians choose Baldwin. So you can try too because thanks for Baldwin musical sound is really cool. 

Every note sounds clear

Musical instruments can be linked to the year of producing in addition of their serial number. Local dealers must have special reference books that contain a lot of musical instrument brands, their serial numbers and producing dates. It`s a very useful information.

Legal pianos

This company has really a musical legacy that has lived on during a whole century and is going to live on in the future. Each number from this collection has contributed to American Baldwin monarch. How to get to know an instrument from this great collection is legal or no. Everybody would like to be confident in its legacy when he is buying it.

You can fill a special row to determine if it was produced from the US market. The list will be updated by specialists. It will consist from all the numbers and include the serial numbers of 1997. Acrosonic and Howard have different series.

What does the serial number mean for you

You must search how old your musical instrument is and what the serial number is. After this, you must check this list.

NumbersThe first one defines the piano overall price. You can have a great deal if you know exactly the value of any product.