Baldwin piano serial number: learn your instrument value

Baldwin company (founded in 1862) belongs to the leading concerns manufacturing great quality instruments. Through over than 150 years over than 1.5 million instruments were produced and each has got its Baldwin piano serial number. The serial serves several purposes. The main one is to mark the year when the unit was created. Another purpose is not to confuse the items brand with the other one. At last, it indicates the quantity of the products which were manufactured by the company since the beginning of its work. The instrument made by this famous today company was the first one American piano which got Grand Prix reward at International Exposition which was held in 1900, in Paris.

Baldwin Piano Serial Number


How can I read the number?


The range of Baldwin piano serial numbers (for uprights) opens with "2000" stamped in 1895. The year of 1900 began with "9000", 1901 "12000" indicated that the famous concern produced 12 thousand units already. 1917 year opened the way to six-digit marks with "1000000" number. In 1973, the production of the famous instruments reached a million and 1974 units and younger models have a number with 7 digits. For instance,  1007689  serial number of Baldwin piano tell us: it was "born" in 1974. Grand instruments have "1100" as the first stamped unit made in 1890, and "6000" marked on the product of 1895. The quantity of these units is less than a number of uprights: 2008 year range begins with "386496".

Baldwin Piano Serial Number


The other names of the brand


Besides the extremely popular Hamilton which was controlled by the concern the company manufactured the stuff under the following names: Ellington, Acrosonic,Wurlitzer, Chickering, Franke, Howard, Hamilton, Manual, Kremlin, Monarch, Modello, Sargent, St. Regis, Valley Gem, Schroeder, Winton. In 1963, the concern controlled Bechstein, which was later sold to Karl Schulze. Baldwin company itself was finally bought by Gibson in 2001. Therefore when you check in the database  of serial numbers of  Baldwin pianos, you can meet the information about these names as well.


Where can I find the honest price for the instrument?


The manufacturer always gives the better price. Visit Baldwin official site to check and compare the costs of upright and grand units. Today the newest B120 / BP1 upright will be yours for slightly more than $7.000. This compact product is the best stuff for limited space homes and musical schools. The smallest and the cheapest grand unit (only 4 feet 10 inches) is about $20.145. The greatest benefit of this stuff is its perfect size/quality combination. The company managed to keep the great sound produced by the instrument in the smaller unit. Visiting The Bluebook of Pianos, you may compare the costs for these instruments with the similar ones manufactured by the other companies. Meanwhile, if the instrument is in poor condition no one will give you much money for it. In case the unit is a tunable rare thing, you can restore it and even earn some money on selling the stuff.